-Twelve years and growing

Toramon Necktie Company is an online retailer of fine men's neckwear.  We're located in the beautiful state of Tennessee just outside of Nashville.  Our company grew out of a passion for great men's clothing and the belief that style should be classic.  So in 2004 we decided to put that passion into action and start Toramon Necktie Company.                                                                     

Wearing the right necktie can make the difference between making a good impression on the first date or getting that perfect job. Here at Toramon Necktie Company we understand that the workplace demands a certain level of professionalism. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the attire worn by businessmen, bankers, lawyers, and other professionals.

Our goal at Toramon Necktie Company is to provide our customers with quality neckties at reasonable prices. The necktie is a small part of one's attire; however, it is one of the most important features. It in fact can make an ordinary suit extraordinary.


-Toramon Necktie Company